Finding out what someone is wearing has never been so easy. First we were introduced to image recognition websites like Slyce and Pounce and now we’re being reintroduced to shoppable music videos! Back in 2012, released their first interactive music video, where viewers were able to shop the Iggy Azalea SSENSE styled music video, “I Think She’s Ready.” As you watch the video, “Shop this Look” text appears – pop-up video style – the video/music stops and you’re able to shop each individual item on SSENSE.

shoppable music videos

SSENSE recently teamed up with the London-based magazine, System, to continue merging music, technology, and fashion. There newest shoppable music video is Sky Ferreira‘s “I Blame Myself,” which was inspired by 90s hip-hop and Michael Jackson. What’s great about the new layout of the SSENSE’s shoppable music videos is that they’ve changed the original concept and you’re not bombarded by “Shop this Look” pop-ups every couple of seconds – instead, SSENSE provides a page with all of the pieces featured in the video to view at your pleasure without disruptions. The goal of these videos is to make the fashion featured more accessible to viewers, so if you can afford $535 Simone Rocha beaded ankle socks or an $835 Givenchy necklace, then ya… It’s totally accessible now! We calculated the total cost of all the clothing available from the music video and there’s no doubt it costs a lot to look like Sky Ferreira in “I Blame Myself.” From Givenchy to Saint Laurent, you could have all these looks for just $20,375 before tax! Happy spending!

Check out Sky Ferriera’s shoppable music video here.


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