If you follow american news, you may have noticed that several major outlets including the TODAY SHOW have run segments today announcing how great Canada Goose Jackets are. We’re thinking.. no shit! If you’ve taken a walk in any major city in Canada you know how popular Canada Goose jackets are… They are everywhere. The Canada Goose Chiliwack bomber has unofficially become part of the uniform for many private school girls in major cities like Toronto. Uggs… Check! Black tights… Check! Canada Goose Jacket… Triple Check!


While we know that Canada Goose jackets are popular, AD Week, has broken down why the jackets are now so popular all over the world.  – Read the full article through ADWEEK
Check out the TODAY SHOW highlighting Canada Goose’s rise to fame 


Source: ADWEEK

  • Rose Power

    before you start talking about Canada Goose being “Canadian” FYI it is now owned by an American Company…..

  • KanataCanada

    Sort of like HBC and many other “Canadian” companies. Am I surprised? No. It was inevitable.

  • Alanna

    But they did start off as a Canadian company and it is where they first gained traction. It is always impressive when a “Canadian” company takes off in the states because in Canada’s design & retail landscape is extremely hard to get recognized in. Despite them being “American” now, it’s still an impressive feat.

  • Rose Power

    I agree somewhat but just because they started out as a “Canadian” company that’s no reason to buy their overpriced jackets….

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