With respects to fashion and design, there is immense talent nestled in our great country from coast to coast. 2013, saw the rise and appreciation for many local Canadian designers, with some finally getting the international acclaim they rightfully deserve.

In no particular order here is a list of Canadian fashion/ design brands we were watching last year and think will have a very successful 2014.


Sean Brown continues to take his stand-out of the year outerwear brand Needs/Wants to new heights.  Instantly recognizable, his one leather-sleeved varsity jacket has already been featured in GQ, Complex, Esquire and Sharp for men. We think this is the year, that hype turns into profit. Sean Brown’s garments are of the highest quality, and his personality and work ethic are all key ingredients for reaching the top.

Kollar Clothing

Master of the details, and maker of some of the best pants our editors have ever worn in 2013, we’re expecting big things from Toronto Native David Kollar and his brand in 2014.  Active in the pop-ip community, Kollar is always well received by streetwear aficionados, and we were so impressed with the fall/ winter collection that we can’t wait to see spring 2014.

Hip and Bone

In this line of business you come across several brands that impress the hell out you. And then there are a few that not only manage to impress, but also inspire. Hip and Bone were featured, as one of the finalists in the 2013 Mercedez-Benz Start Up Runway Show during Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week. If you were in attendance, you know exactly why their runway show was one of the best during fashion week. The brand expresses its values through carefully constructed high quality garments using handpicked exclusive fabrics such as linen, pima cotton, Egyptian cotton and leather. There is no wonder why Hip and Bone is one of the most sought out apparel companies to embrace the spotlight. Watch out for their new 2014 collection.

Bather co. 

It’s hard to stand out while focusing on a product most men don’t really focus on, but Toronto based Bather Co. has brought the cool back to men’s bathing suits. Developed and manufactured in Toronto Bather co. has managed to bring streetwear aesthetics into swimwear. Blod patterns and a strong commitment to design will push this brand to new heights in 2014.

Benjamin Daedfyshe

We are predicting that 2014 isn’t the Year of the Horse, it’s the year of the FYSHE.  We’ve paid close attention to Patrick Cornish and his Benjamin Daedfyshe brand, and think this is the year that consumers outside of Toronto start to pay attention to the shoe that goes so well with a suit.

Sully Wong

George Sully and Henry Wong continue to amaze us with their newest releases under the Sully Wong brand.  Their jump into accessories has proven to be a huge success, and we’ve already had a secret look at their newest collection. It’s awesome. You’ll have to take our word for it that we think Sully Wong will be one of the biggest players in the Canadian footwear industry by the end of 2014.


In just 3 short years, Armed has easily become an industry favourite. The Toronto based jewelry line has already received praise from Flare, Worn Magazine, The GridTO and we predict that it’s just the beginning for designer, Desiree Girlato. With unique pieces featuring precious stones, horsehair tassels and boar tusks sourced far and wide, we forecast that Armed will become the opulent essential for every woman’s wardrobe. Keep an eye out for this designer, as in 2014, she’ll evolve outside her flagship and 8 stockists, expand her women’s line and launch into men’s.

Vitaly Design

Vitaly Design has already experienced a successful 2013, but this is the year we think Vitaly moves from the shelves of cool independent boutiques onto the floors of major retailers. Owner/ lead designer Shane Foran has told StyleDemocracy that a new more refined collection is in the works. We don’t want to give to much away, so pay close attention to this standout Toronto jewellery designer in the months ahead.

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