Target’s tag line reads “Expect more pay less.” That may not really be the case for Canadian Shoppers. Canadians should expect on average that Target’s new northern locations will have prices higher than their American counterparts.  Insiders point out that it’s simply because of Canada’s infrastructure  Our country is bigger, or population is smaller and their are relatively high Canadian import tariffs.

According to a study done by the Globe and Mail, Walmart’s Canadian prices are on average 23% higher than in the US. In case you were wondering, in the US, Walmart’s price ranges about O.5% less than Target’s.  Retail- Insider expects that Target’s prices will be similarly as high when the store opens in Canada.

Target knows that Canadians will resist the higher prices a bit, so the pitch is that Target offers Canadians a ‘unique experience’  offering differentiated merchandise and experiential interiors.

Who knows how “unique” the experience will be, but does it warrant high prices? What do you think?

Source: Retail-Insider

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