There’s a long list of things Canadians do better than Americans and now we can add Halloween to that list. According to the Retail Council of Canada, Canada’s Halloween economy is worth $1-billion – double the size it was less than a decade ago! Thanks to an age addicted to sharing everything on social media, more than 60% of adults are now partaking in the spookiest night of the year. Canadians are now spending more per-capita on Halloween decor, candy, and (pet, adult & children) costumes than our neighbours in the States, making Halloween the second-biggest holiday shopping occasion. One testament to the spurt in Halloween spending is the number of Halloween pop-up stores that are opening up across Canada. U.S based Spirit Halloween has opened more than 1100 pop-up shops across North America and Canadian-based Halloween Alley has opened 37 pop-ups this year and while these types of pop-ups specialize in costumes, the biggest spend (50-60%) of the Halloween economy comes from decorations!

Can you believe that Canadians outspend Americans on Halloween? Comment below!

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Source: Financial Post

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