Okay, this is going too far. Whiskas (the cat food company) has developed a collar camera for your feline friend. Dubbed Catstacam, the new product from Whiskas will allow cats to automatically upload photos taken from their perspective. Ever wonder what your cat gets up to when your at work? Now you can follow all your cats activities as they go through their day.  6 Photos will be taken every couple of minutes, and then will be uploaded to your cats instagram page when your cat returns to a wifi friendly area.  I really don’t know if this is a good idea. Many of the cats I know are jerks, and probably would end up taking a bunch of douchy food/ vacation pics. Really not into it.

Anyways… No word from Whiskas as to whether or not this product will be fully available to everybody, currently it’s being tested by celebrity cats and cat influencers ( yeah take a second to read that sentence… cat influencers…).

I hope everybody knows that we live in a world where a brand will put in what we are guessing is a sizeable amount of money to come up with a way for cats to share their photos on Instagram… WTF.

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