With everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Jessica Alba raking it in as digital entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise to hear that a slew of celebrities have chosen to go the entrepreneurial route. Last week musician, activist and cultural icon Will.i.am made news with the release of his new wearable smartphone dubbed the Puls – it sounds kinda cool. It’s currently one of the only smartwatches to double as a phone (without being tethered to an actual device), it has its own sim card and doesn’t rely on having the latest iPhone to work.


All sounds pretty good right? Well, according to an article by Dan Seifert from Verge.com who got his hands on an early production model, “it’s objectively the worst product i’ve touched all year.” OUCH! The article goes on to discuss how the design isn’t very good, it’s stiff and cumbersome and relies on a very sub-par operating system. Here’s one of the best quotes from the article:

“The screen is small and grainy and the operating system is neither responsive or intuitive. There are a few preinstalled apps for Twitter, Instagram, contacts, and more, and the Puls has a full dialer for making phone calls. It also has a full QWERTY keyboard, which requires two presses to type a single letter (one to zoom in, a second to actually input the letter). It’s unsurprisingly terribly frustrating to use.”

We only have one piece of advice for Mr. i.am. Use your new Puls to give Fergie a ring and get back to music. I want that boom boom pow!

Source: Verge
mage: Connectedly.com

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