Word on the street from Swedish mega retailer IKEA is that soon, you will be able to charge your mobile device through IKEA furniture.  Ikea announced the move yesterday at the Mobile World Congress, stating that it will begin incorporation Qi technology into new product lines.

The Qi technology will essentially remove the need for charging stations and bulky wires. Qi technology is already used in a fairly widespread manner. You can often find it at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. However, IKEA is now bringing this technology into your home.

According to the new product specs, you’ll be able to place your smart phone on “charging pads” that will be designed right into the furniture.

The cost won’t even be that much higher. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ikea is planning on selling a wireless charging kit that can fitted into existing furniture for about $34 and built – in wireless charging stations will only add about $22 to the cost of the new Qi compatible furniture.

Source: Wall Street Journal
mage: Mashable

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