E-tailer Everlane has gained recognition for creating some of the best quality basic T’s on the market. With most of their success in the U.S. it was time for the online retailer to hit the Canadian market. However they did so in an uncommon way. To build funding for the new site, the company turned to popular crowd sourcing website Kickstarter.

“We want to come to Canada, but we want to do it right. So many retailers enter new
markets with little knowledge of whether there’s excitement there. As a young company running a lean business, we want to tread carefully and be smart about our next moves.

There were many discussions around the launch. In one of our team meetings
a young engineer said, “Why don’t we kickstart this thing?” And it just felt
obvious. We see this as a unique way to bring rewards for those who join early,
while testing demand.”

With 1,400 contributors the campaign was a success and the brand reached and surpassed their $100,000 goal.

We’re stoked that we can now shop the site! With most things under $100 and T’s around the $15 price point, we’re stocking up for summer!

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