Last week, we posted about the arrival of a new concept store from Forever 21. Dubbed Forever 21 under $15, the new store will sell clothing for… You guessed it under $15.  If you follow StyleDemocracy you know that we love a good deal and clothing under $15? If it helps us save money we are down.  Well, it turns out some our readers  aren’t huge fans of this concept.  While we still think the store will be very successful, here are some of the messages our readers were saying about the store.

All quotes were taken from our facebook post which can be found here – last names have been removed for privacy.

Colleen –  “Disposable clothing – the fashion industry is even more irresponsible than ever.”
Eilish  – “Fast fashion: buy this it’s only ten dollars that will make you happy! You can definitely afford that on minimum wage but we can’t to pay our employees more then that. Don’t think about how little we paid someone your age to make this in conditions you can’t imagine!”
Luis  – “No thanks for the underpaid manufacturing workers in 3rd world countries. The company will still make a profit.”
Tia – “How many types of stores do they need? Regular Forever 21’s, Forever 21 RED and now this??? Not necessary.”
Erik  –  “Oh wicked! Now you can wear garbage at a reasonable price. It only costs underpaid workers in third world countries their health and well being. What a day to be alive.”
Hope  – ” No thanks. Where are these items made from? Who made them? Are they slaves? Whose skin are you selling?”
Bahareh –  “so extra exploitment of workers + a dash more abuse. Enjoy your purchase!”



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