You may have heard that Toronto-based Peace Collective has just opened their first brick-and-mortar store bringing the love for Toronto-branded clothing to an all-time high.  With their ever popular Toronto-vs-Everybody designs, Peace Collective is just one of many Toronto focused brands that are making an impact in Toronto.

If one Toronto city councillor gets her way, Toronto-branded clothing will get a home under one roof at Toronto’s City Hall.  Coun. Mary Margaret McMahon wants to build a Toronto store at city hall that would sell everything from TTC mugs to Toronto-branded streetwear.

Peace Collective 054

McMahon wants the store to be used as a revenue making tool for the city. The money would be used to raise cash for infrastructure projects.

Similar projects in New York bring in about $200,000 a year according to Metro News, and Toronto can expect similar results.

What do you think? Should City Hall start selling Toronto-branded clothing?


Source: Metro News

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