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At 220,000 square feet, Montreal’s combined Ogilvy/Holt Renfrew store will be one of the largest luxury department stores in North America when completed. From our calculations, it will be the 7th-largest luxury store in North America, surpassed only by stores in New York City, San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Houston. Toronto’s flagship Saks Fifth Avenue is expected to be larger than Ogilvy/Holt’s as well, though we are currently unaware of its exact size.

In our analysis, we only included American retailers Saks Fifth AvenueNeiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s New York. We’ve excluded retailers such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, since both sell a considerable amount of mid-range merchandise that likely won’t be carried in the new, upscaled Ogilvy.

The following American luxury department stores are larger than the new Ogilvy/Holt Renfrew’s 220,000 square feet:

New York City:
Saks Fifth Avenue: 646,000 square feet
Bergdorf Goodman (both men’s and women’s stores): 316,000 square feet
Barney’s New York: ~230,000 square feet

San Francisco:
Neiman Marcus, Union Square: 252,000 square feet

Beverly Hills, California:
Saks Fifth Avenue (combined men’s and women’s stores): ~275,000 square feet

Houston Texas:
Neiman Marcus, Houston Galleria: 224,000 square feet

Toronto’s flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store is expected to be in the 300,000 square foot range. If so, it could become North America’s second- or third-largest luxury store. We’ll report more when we get details on the size of Saks’ proposed Bloor Street store.

Source: Retail-Insider

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