This summer will be a big for John Varvatos. With a new store slated to open at Yorkdale in August, expect to start seeing the name John Varvatos in Canada a bit more. While absolutely a house-hold name in the U.S. (just look at his recent partnership with Chrysler) we were surprised that his name wasn’t as wide spread up north.

With a new footwear collection as part of his recurring series with Converse, John Varvatos puts rock-inspired twists on classic Converse models.  Toronto and Canadian shoppers will have more opportunities to interact with the brand after the Flagship has opened.

As more and more international (read American) retailers push into Canada we’re not going to be surprised when John Varvatos is popular at Yorkdale and they decide to push into other Canadian markets.

If you want to get  your hands on some John Varvatos Converse now, SVP on Queen usually has the BEST deals on them, you can also find them at Little Burgandy, and Holt Renfrew.

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