According to the CBC, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says that Costco has not been reliably following food safety controls on a consistent basis. Due to these findings, the Agency has stated that Costco is in violation of federal fish inspection regulations, and the suspension of fish imports went into effect at the end of last month.

The CBC contacted Costco spokesman for a quote and was told that the product involved was tuna imported from Europe and has been pulled from the shelves when the retailer discovered that the product had not been imported properly. Furthermore the spokesman said the mistake was made because Costco buy fish from an Importer instead of importing in directly. He said the mistake was made because Costco usually buys fish from an importer, instead of importing it directly.

While many people are worried, Costco is stating that the Imported Tuna has not been sold, and there has not been a recall made.

The suspension comes from Costco not following the rules for two years in a row. While there is no need to be alarmed, we would just caution to double check when buying fish from Costco in the future.

Source: CBC NEWS


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