Looking to spice up your boring, classic burger options? We’ve found 10 of the craziest burgers in Toronto for those looking for a twist. They may seem strange but we can promise all are top-notch, delicious concoctions. Get ready to be wowed as you feast your eyes upon these wonderfully weird, messy masterpieces!

10. Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger & Milkshake Bar

Secret Stomp – Custom Over-The-Top Hamburger

Website: http://www.burgerstomperbar.com/dev/

9. Broncos Slider Bar

craziest burgers in toronto

Pogo Hamburger

Website: http://www.broncosrestaurant.com/

8. Home of the Brave

craziest burgers in toronto

Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Hamburger

Website: http://www.thehotb.com/

7. Dac Biet Burger

craziest burgers in toronto

Vietnamese Pho Hamburger

Website: http://www.dacbietburger.com/

6. The Wren

craziest burgers in toronto

Bacon Poutine Hamburger

Website: http://www.thewrendanforth.com/

5. Lucky Red

craziest burgers in toronto lucky red

Steamed BAO Hamburger (aka HamBAOger)

Website: http://www.luckyredshop.com/

4. The Beverly Hotel

craziest burgers in toronto

Pancake Hamburger with Chuck and Brisket Patties

Website: : http://www.thebeverleyhotel.ca/

Discover the top three craziest burgers in Toronto on TasteToronto.ca

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Featured image via @HolyChuckBurger
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