If you hadn’t heard of one of the latest and greatest online e-commerce websites, Alibaba.com, well we’re here to tell you why it’s so…interesting. Somewhat similar to eBay, Alibaba.com offers a platform for brands & vendors to sell pretty much anything they want, to anyone in the world. Online shopping with Alibaba.com has become one of the best conveniences for shoppers today, allowing us to shop a variety of products, at the absolute lowest prices, from the comfort of our own homes. With that being said, there are millions of useful products available for purchase like a set of glasses or cutlery, but also really bizarre things like a life-sized naked and obese wax figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger. We decided to hunt through Alibaba.com to find the whackiest and weirdest things for sale. Check them out below.

1. 9D Movie Cinema Simulator – $10,000 – $20,000

crazy things you can buy on Alibaba.com

Seeing a movie is about having a great experience that you will remember, but what if that experience could get better? Forget 3D, don’t even think about 4D – here’s 9D! Manufactured in China, this cinema set has a ton of different simulating options that can make the audience feel as if they had just experienced legs touching, lightning, snow, rain, and more while watching it. So, if you’re feeling like a little human or nature touch without any actual nature or humans – this is the thing for you!

2. Tear Resistant Barf Bib

crazy things you can buy off alibaba.com

If some of your viewers really feel dizzy when watching your 9D film – don’t worry! This medical supplier on Alibaba carries Barf Bibs! They are designed to not fall off, nor tear, and they also prevent leakage. Not only are these the benefits, but there is an added splashguard for those about to projectile vomit; how nice. The minimum order on these Barf Bibs is 1000 pieces, so you’ll be stocked for life!

3. Pedigree Dairy Goats – $180 – $350

crazy things you can buy on Alibaba

Want your own pet goat or are you looking to make goat cheese for yourself and sell some to the local grocery store? You can totally accomplish that goal and purchase some real live goats – direct from Kenya – on Alibaba! They come in brown or white and you can order up to 100 goats per month.

4. Electric Car Boat – $13,000

crazy things you can buy on alibaba.com

If you’re feeling bored in your plain old boat and love driving cars, then here’s a good product for you. This small 4-person boat is made in the shape of a car – and is quite an eye catching one at that! Although shipping is about $1500 per car-boat to Canada, the boat is on sale for $1300, so it’s quite the steal. Pair this with the 9D Movie Theatre and you’re on your way to having a pretty awesome amusement park!

5. “Real Human” Statue of an Obese Arnold Schwarzenegger – $16,800

crazy things you can buy on alibaba.com

If you have ever imagined the famous actor & governor of Cali in the obese form, here’s your chance to own it in a physical structure! You can have your own wax figure display at home – so your friends don’t have to go to Madame Tussauds – and also own a piece of beautiful crafted art. If Schwarzenegger isn’t your cup of tee, this Alibaba seller has a ton of other celebrity wax statues including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, and Elton John.

6. Portable Ultrasound Machine – $6000 – $7800

Crazy things you can buy on Alibaba.com

Honestly, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a portable ultrasound machine, but clearly they are in existence and for sale on Alibaba! Right now it’s going for a promotional price, so you can see what your baby looks like for a good price – it also doubles as a pretty sweet baby shower gift!

7. Laser Cutting Machine – $2300 – $4200

Crazy things you can buy on Alibaba.com

Our next pick is something any designer can get excited about! If you’ve been dreaming about all things laser cut like this laser cut leather mini skirt by Alice & Olivia or these suede laser cut peep toe heels by Brian Atwood, but you’re on a budget, purchasing your own laser cutting machine might be the most cost effective solution! From acrylic, wood and glass to leather, marble, and rubber – this machine can cut through anything to make the intricate designs of your dreams.

8. Pizza Cone Maker – $1000

crazy things you can buy on alibaba.com

One of the most beloved foods worldwide would have to be pizza. But pizza can be messy and hard to take on the go, so Alibaba retailers have a new product that makes pizza easier & cleaner to eat, in a fun new way! No longer do you have to hunt for specialty food trucks or events to find the pizza cone, the pizza cone maker can be bought to make you some wicked new pizza, or should I say, coneza.

9. Corn Puffed Snack Food Making Machine – $800

crazy things you can buy on alibaba.com

I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to make my own type of snacks at home – because I don’t find there are enough crazy options available at stores! Now you too can make your own type of cheesies, cheerio’s, chips, and more at home. Interesting and totally for sale on Alibaba!

10. The Best Chicken Feet – $850 – $1050

crazy things you can buy on alibaba.com

I think the best product available on Alibaba would have to be the best chicken feet, ever. This seller claims they have the best chicken feet on the online market and sells them wholesale by the ton. If you feel like making some puffed chicken feet chips, you can use your snack machine to do so! Yum.

What do you think of the 10 crazy things you can buy on Alibaba.com? Would you buy any of these things?

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