Over the past few years menswear fashion has sky rocketed to an all-time high. More and more men are now interested in improving their fashionable appearance. Knowing when to match, compliment, layer, or accessorize all play an important role in achieving a great look and personal style. However, to pull it off successfully it all comes down to one simple rule – Fit. This is by far the most crucial rule in achieving great style (for both men and women).

I often get asked for advice on menswear fashion and I always begin with the basics. Once the basics are mastered, your journey to achieving personal style can truly begin. Proper fitting apparel is the key to any successful outfit. When in-search for the proper fit, really consider how it feels, how to wear it, and how its made. Not only will this help you to explore your options, it’ll also help you to make smarter decisions.

If you’re the type of man who prefers to wear baggier clothing, I challenge you to try on something slightly more slimming. Take small steps to creating an outfit that is built to your body, and one that pushes your comfort level. Understanding your body type will help to determine what styles are best suited for you. Men, much more so than women, struggle to dress in such a way that complements their body type. Get educated on what is an appropriate fit, and start from there. If you’re a heavier build, avoid skinny suits altogether, and consider consulting with your local tailor. I often come across men who wear clothing that are +2 sizes than necessary, and usually with no explanation other than comfort. Fitted clothing is just as comfortable, even more so when worn properly. Whether you’re having a conversation with a tailor or shopping for an article of clothing – ask lots of questions. The more you learn about your options, the better you will know what looks and feels best on you.

Take these necessary steps into consideration the next time you’re looking to enhance your personal style.

Below is an infographic designed by eBay Deals with helpful tips on what to pay special attention to when shopping and trying on clothes.

Creating Personal Style - Fit Guide


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