Sneakers Magazine is known for their ability to showcase sneakers in different contexts and their newest editorial took classic sneakers into different comfort zones – zones that featured lots of legs, teeth, and scales. UK photographer, Joseph Ford, took the sneakers of your dreams and turned them into your worst nightmare. Below, you’ll see Nikes face-off a cobra and a spine tingling group of scorpions and spiders crawling over Asics. Things got especially tense when a live crocodile battled Lacoste‘s very own crocodile – watch it above!

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I’m sure there are a few sneaker heads who’d readily compete Fear Factor style over the pictured sneakers, but luckily for you – you don’t have to! We’ll be hosting a Lacoste Footwear Warehouse Sale for men, women, and children from April 16th to the 20th and we promise that there won’t be any live crocodile action!

Get more details about the Lacoste Footwear Warehouse Sale here.

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