Well, it looks like Crocs – the maker of the porous spongy shoe of choice for children, the elderly, Mario Batali and the fashionably challenged- is slowly disappearing.  After experiencing mass popularity in the early 2000’s, Crocs has begun to scale down their operations. A recent announcement from the brand states that they plan on closing 75 – 100 stores and will lay off 180 of it’s 5,000 employees. Crocs HQ is taking a major hit losing 70 jobs and (in a smart move) the brand has decided to shut down the “Upscale” line of crocs.

While Crocs aren’t fully disappearing soon anytime soon, it’s a clear indication that the brand is trying to scale down their efforts for world domination. If you’re a die hard Crocs fan, fear not they aren’t going anywhere. But please head our advice: Crocs are great for the kitchen, garden and the cottage. Crocs are not good for: Parties, weddings (we’ve seen it), anywhere where it’s not just you and your immediate family.

Source: Racked. 

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