“I am woman!” David Dixon’s show opened to a BBC clip of a 1950‘s dinner party where women were described as unintelligent and simple minded. With the tents laughing as an actress exclaimed her love for kittens, the lights brightened and Queen Bey’s voice blared. Dixon’s message of strength and independence was contrasted with his ultra feminine lace details and chunky crystal necklaces. The colour scheme was monochromatic as models wore bizarre flower petal/ gerber daisy neck pieces to the belting of a speech about women’s rights being human rights. Metallic accents came in the form of envelope clutches, adding some edge to Dixon’s creations. Leaving the show I felt deflated, hoping for more of a brash representation of the modern day woman. Not to say that dressing “pretty” isn’t fashionable but it can be redundant, especially when style mavens these days are constantly challenging the rules of fashion. The show made me think that one’s views on gender transformation could have been portrayed in a more current way, but nonetheless Dixon did make an impression.

Photos: George Pimentel

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