Dubbed the “black sheep of garments”, Kollar clothing takes casual basics and morphs them into detail-heavy streetwear with heritage-level quality.  The brand has been selectively popping up in some of Canada’s hottest boutiques and was recently named one of Toronto’s upstart fashion brands to watch by Blogto. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with Kollar Clothing’s founder/designer David Kollar and discovered that part of the secret to a successful fashion start up is to “focus on the details”. 

Right off the bat, sitting down with David you can tell that the man is passionate about his brand and is not afraid of hard work to get it right. “Fit is important… When I design my clothing I do almost six or seven samples to make sure the fit is perfect”.  David’s commitment to his craft shows in his designs. Not only is the fit modern and thought out but you can find unexpected details throughout each garment. A leather cuff here, an extra buttonhole there, lined patterned pockets and extra zippers are all design aspects you can find throughout Kollar clothing. What makes this brand different is the fact that these detail additions don’t seem forced. Often extra details on clothing can become gratuitous, but Kollar manages to blend them in to the overall aesthetic of each piece, making the details necessary and not over the top. 

So what kind of guy wear Kollar? When I asked David this question, I assumed he would tell me a guy that appreciates the details, but it’s really more than that. 

“The type of guy who wears Kollar , is someone who can appreciate fine details, a man who likes to be clean cut with some edge, someone who is willing to be bold without trying to hard. The overall feel of the clothing is somewhat neutral dark colours & pastel colours, I love to use salt & pepper mix fabrics for my winter pieces as well as some of my knit jersey pieces for my tanks and t-shirts. It is also geared towards the men that can appreciate a well cut and constructed garment, it will fit nicely on all types of body types in a modern fit with still a casual look for everyday wear and going out look.”

The overall feel of the clothing is somewhat dark, definitely geared towards the dude who is confident with getting the “cool” moniker thrown at him. David completely crafts the vision behind his brand “It’s not just the clothing, it’s how I portray the brand through photography and video. If you look at all my videos I try to leave a mysterious element and vibe… while still making the clothing accessible”. 

 With the brand now available at Proper Reserve, BLK OUT and Model Citizen in Toronto, Slaysh in Ottawa and Veer NYC in New York, we expect end of 2013 and 2014 to be big for David and Kollar Clothing. 

 You can check out the brand this August 30th at Proper Reserve for a special Pop-up shop. 

Here’s a video to wet your taste buds! SD will be on site, so see you there!
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