What do you love most about your dog? We’d guess you probably love how loyal, cute, silly, excitable, and cuddly he is. We know that all dogs have personalities and preferences to go along with it. And that’s why World of Angus was created.

This Toronto-based online company was founded just a few months ago and already there’s lots of buzz. With a focus on products that are local, organic, and sustainable, World of Angus is curating products that stand out from the crowd. They’ve partnered brands like Filson, Chilly Dog, Treats Happen, and Pawsh Paws to bring dogs, and their humans, high quality products that are made in North America.

One of their bestsellers, the Lavender and Cedar Pine Dog Shampoo is made in Toronto, is biodegradable, and will hydrate your pup’s fur and skin keeping them super happy and smelling amazing.

And did we mention that shipping is always free? Ship anything to anywhere in North America for free, anytime.

Stay tuned to this new company because they’ve got some pretty exciting things coming up.


Check out their website at worldofangus.com and follow them on social media:




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