Earlier this week, I had BIG plans to revamp a wall in our living room and picked up a few jars of CIL Testers (on sale for $3.97 at Home Depot). My plan was (and still is) to hand paint a super awesome wall paper pattern I spotted in a Kate Spade change room. Since the pattern really doesn’t require a full can of paint, the small CIL Testers definitely works.

However … let’s just say the Christmas party we attended over the weekend may have set me (slightly) back from my big paint project that certainly would have required attention to detail and focus. I managed to not let my entire weekend go to waste and tackled a few mini DIY holiday paint projects that are worth mentioning!

Read further to see 1) DIY Hashtag Wrapping Paper and 2) Marble Painted Mason Jar and 3) DIY Wooden Serving Tray!

CIL-DIY-Paint-Projects CIL-Colour-Tester-Sale CIL-Colour-Test-Paint-DIY-Project

1. DIY Wrapping Paper

Creating your own wrapping paper can’t get any easier then writing your favourite hashtag phrases! 


2. DIY Marble Paint

I’ve seen many tutorials on lately on creating a marble paint effect with nail polish, of course I had to give it a try. For illustration purposes, I used pink and white polish below to show you what type of pattern may appear. I only used white polish for my mason jar – I like the black and white contrast.

To create a mason jar like mine, paint 3 coats of paint over top the mason jar, set aside to dry. Fill up a tray that has at least 3-4 inches of depth with water, when ready – drip your nail polish into the water. Take your jar (or whatever item you’re working with) and swirl it into the water. The polish dries REALLY fast – so be sure to only prepare the water bath when you’re totally ready to work on your piece. I also suggest not to ‘re-dip’ your option – try your best to work on it with only one swirl. Set your item aside to dry, and voila!


3. DIY Wooden Tray

I literally picked up this wooden hexagon tray at my local thrift shop for $2.00. I’ve had it for quite some time and haven’t had the chance to revamp it. With paint in hand, I decided give it a fresh coat (3 coats actually), and also created a striped pattern to match a giant black & white striped rug in our living room.

Creating a striped pattern is super easy, simply tape down your pattern and edges with painter’s tape and update with your favourite accent colour.


What do you think of these mini DIY paint projects? They are perfect for gift giving, holiday entertaining and a craft day during your Christmas Break!

I’m quite pleased with the way my marble pattern turned out on the jar! I almost positive I’ll be tackling a few more variations in the near future.

CIL Testers are on sale at Home Depot for a limited time until December 20 for $3.97 a jar. You can ask them to mix ANY colour you like available in their paint chips!

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