Can we just all admit how awesome Dollarama is? If you haven’t yet been to one of these dollar stores that seemingly pop up everywhere, it’s time to get off your high horse and realize that you’re overspending for no reason.

According to a recent article by the CBC the number of dollar stores in Canada is growing, and so is the selection they offer – offerings that now have big box retailers more than a little worried.
Dollarama currently has 900 stores across Canada, and plan on opening another 70 – 80 stores per year over the next 5 years.  Wow.

Let’s just be real here for a second. As a self confessed “cheapo” Dollarama has now permanently made it into my weekend rotation for shopping.  I usually hit up the St. Lawrence Market or Loblaws for fresh produce and meat, but every week I find myself buying more and more at Dollarama. Cleaning supplies for $2 yes please. Big bags of brand name chips for $2, sure why not?  What impressed me most about Dollarama is the selection of plates and forks.  If high end tableware isn’t your bag, and all you care about is something that looks half decent and works,  Dollarama is a store for you.

Check out my list of things to buy, things to stay away from, and things to laugh at!

Here’s a list of things I’ve tried at Dollarama that are okay to buy:

  • Art supplies – Nothing over $5 (markers, paint, pencils etc. )
  • Dish Soap – While you can buy brand name dish soap for $2 the house brand for $1 works
  • Hand Soap – Buy it, it’s cheap a lot of them come in decorative containers for $1.50 – $2.00
  • Cleaning Supplies – Again brand name is available for around $2- $2.50, but house brand works and is cheaper
  • Plates and Cutlery – Most plates are $2 and come in a variety of shapes – want to use square plates for a dinner party, but don’t think you’ll ever use them again? Try Dollarama
  • Floor mats, Table Mats – Variety of fabrics and colours for $2.
  • Disposable party supplies – Cheapest price anywhere in the city
  • Brand name soft drinks – 1L bottles of Pepsi for .75 cents, Allen’s Juice – $1
  • Chips – Frito Lay Brand chips for $1 – $2
  • Jam and Peanut Butter – Was pretty sketched about this… but Jam is expensive and the Dollarama jam made by E.D. Smith ain’t half bad..
  • TupperWare- If you buy it any where else you are wasting your money.
  • Candy – Brand name Candy is brand name candy, knock off chocolate bars aren’t that great but are passable (especially for kids)
  • Cereal – Believe it or not, I’ve been buying cereal at Dollarama, brand name cereal $2 for a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch – HELLS YES!
  • Paint Brushes and home improvement supplies
  • Gift Wrapping and accessories
  • Batteries – Panasonic 4 pack for $1

Here’s what I’ve tried and would not buy again:

  • Pretty much anything with more than one moving part – Just trust me it’s not worth it
  • Ipad / Iphone cases – You are trying to find something to protect your $500 investment… go to Best Buy.
  • Electronics – If you like using electronic devices only once than this is for you… if not… Go to Best Buy
  • Power Chords – If you buy power chords from Dollarama we suggest you also buy a new Fire alarm … but not from Dollarama.

Here’s what I’ve seen and would NEVER EVER BUY:

  • Canned Meat – From the Dollar Store? You’ve got to be kidding me … Make sure your OHIP Card is ready to show at the emergency room
  • Hub Caps – Just no ………
  • Pretty much anything electronic – maybe i’m biased but I just don’t have any faith in anything electronic that costs under $5.. .
  • Condoms – Can you really get mad if something bad happens? I mean you bought them at Dollarama… Especially the no name ones. C’mon your partner is worth it… Go to Shoppers Drug Mart

Do you shop at Dollarama? What would you or would you not buy from them? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I buy hangers there. Still won’t buy food I’m worried about the freshness. Are the best before dates closer than, say, at Shoppers Drug Mart or a supermarket?

  • I buy hangers there. Still won’t buy food I’m worried about the freshness. Are the best before dates closer than, say, at Shoppers Drug Mart or a supermarket?

  • binabug

    I bought the hangers for skirts to use for hanging my boots up (But get all the rest of my hangers free from clothing stores lol) I love all the summer garden stuff they have!!! Such bright colors to add onto my front steps. And we’ve found popfunko’s there for $3, bought this neat bulb for $3 that grew until the ferrets took a bite out of it (lol) and we try to buy the 1liter of Brisk lemonade there when they have 2 for a buck (We tend to buy 20 at a time then so we have them for lunches) And my niece is big into monsterhigh, so I’ve gotten her all the books and puzzles for her from them (I spoil her and try to get her something for valentines and St. Pattys day, etc for school dress up days) OH AND PIDDLE pads… they have the huge pack for $3, whereas reg places sell them for $15

  • jlenhart

    I buy hosiery at Dollarama – not sheer and great for under skirts, but if you are looking for under pants in winter, it is thicker and doesn’t run as easy as thinner (more expensive) brands. Also, their compostable kitchen bags are great, they do not leak for the counter top compost bins. In the summer I buy the citronella candles for the yard in nice pots with refills in bags, super cheap.

  • Lenny

    The paint brushes are not that great… bristles fall out. The reg size rollers leave lots of lint, and are too thin. The small sponge rollers last about 3 minutes and fall off the handle.
    Mugs and glassware are awesome buys. Just be cautious of certain “lead” painted articles. Otherwise, most things in Dollarama can be found at all the other big box chains.

  • good

  • Good-digger

    They don sell TupperWare, they sell Rubbermaid and there is a HUGE difference. AA Panasonic Batteries ONLY come in packs with odd numbers, for $1.50, not packs of four for $1.

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