Last week, we reported that the board of American Apparel had voted to remove their founder and CEO, Dov Charney as their chairman. The only information on Charney’s release that the board made available was that they were holding an “ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct.” Charney has done a lot of questionable things in the past which includes dancing naked in front of two employees (view the video here, but it is extremely NSFW), masturbating in front of a journalist, and racking up a number of sexual harassment lawsuits.

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On Sunday, Buzzfeed obtained the original termination letter that Charney received from the board. The four-page long letter details why the infamous founder was let go. Not so surprisingly, one of the reasons include sexually harassing employees. Other reasons include refusing to “participate in mandatory sexual harassment training,” offering “significant” severance packages to former employees as incentive to conceal wrongdoings, offering salary increases and bonuses to employees who signed releases to protect him from personal liability, and using company money for “personal services such as legal consultation.”

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See Dov Charney’s Termination Letter below: 

Dov Charney's Termination Letter

Dov Charney's termination letter

Dov Charney's Termination letter

Dov Charney's Termination Letter

Do you think these are good enough grounds to have Dov Charney fired from the company he founded? Comment below!

Source: BuzzFeed

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