Due to an overwhelming response from our earlier article which indicated that TeamBuy and Dealfind were filing for bankruptcy, we decided to do a little digging by ourselves. With no official word from either TeamBuy or Dealfind we wanted to see actual customer engagement with the two brands, and let us tell you it’s not pretty right now. As of the writing of this article, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gauge customer sentiment because it appears that the two coupon sites are actively managing their Facebook pages, deleting and hiding angry customer comments. in an apparent effort to have her voice heard, one Team Buy customer has taken it upon herself to plaster TeamBuy’s Facebook page with:  “Did you guys actually just screw over your customers who have TeamBuy bucks with you? Actually?” If you head over to Team Buy’s Facebook page, you can see her writing this on every post!

As of now, the sites are still running, and we cannot confirm in actuality if Team Buy really is going under, here’s an example of a message you’ll get from the company when you inquire about your Team Bucks:



Let us know if you are able to redeem your coupons!


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