Ah! It’s almost that time of year again. Snow starts to fall, Christmas decorations start to show up, and CF Toronto Eaton Centre unveils its massive Christmas tree.

This year, attendees of the Eaton Centre’s Christmas tree unveiling will be treated to the world’s largest Christmas tree.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre has announced that it will unveil a 100-ft tall evergreen Christmas tree. To put this in perspective, the most famous Christmas tree in the world located at the Rockefeller Centre in midtown Manhattan has only been recorded at 100 ft once. Typically the Rockefeller tree averages around 79 ft making the 100 Ft Eaton Centre tree truly a treat.


If you are interested in checking the tree out, it will be unveiled on Thursday, November 24th at 6:00PM. Alongside the unveiling, attendees will be treated to a performance by choir group Choir! Choir! Choir!


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