This weekend, I got lucky. My boyfriend owed me a belated birthday gift and I just so happened to be looking to expand my watch collection. After some extensive online window shopping, I fell in love with the Classic Bristol watch by Daniel Wellington. I ended up picking mine from Zane. The face is quite large – it actually takes up the entire front of my wrist – but it is, surprisingly, not overpowering at all. The simplicity of the timepiece makes it perfect for stacking bracelets, but striking enough to wear alone. Daniel Wellington watches are also unisex, so you can share with your significant other – my boyfriend has been fighting me to wear mine since I got it!

While the watch is not exactly cheap (with tax it was just under $290), it’s something that I think I’ll have for a long time and is definitely worth the investment. The watch is water resistant and the straps are interchangeable, meaning that you can change the look or replace the straps if they get too worn out. The spare straps are only $60 and can be picked up online at Daniel Wellington or in-store at Zane. If the large face isn’t your thing, they’ve got a selection of smaller faces and different wristbands to suit everyone. So, if you’re in the market for a new timepiece, I’d definitely suggest checking out Daniel Wellington.

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