Not to brag, but over Christmas I received a lot of great gifts: homemade cookies, new books and some makeup, but the best of all was the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer! I had been mulling between the LG Pocket Photo and the Fujifilm Polaroid Camera for quite some time. While I enjoyed the novelty of the polaroid camera, I felt the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer was the most practical choice. A few of the reasons I decided to go with the LG Pocket Photo Printer include:

  • The printer connects to your phone through bluetooth and a special app – no messy cords!
  • You’re able to pick and choose the photos you want to print from your phone, which means you can edit them for the best quality photo
  • I use an iPhone, but the printer is also compatible with Androids
  • You’re able to print photos (2×3 inches) with a variety of different borders or no borders at all. You can also create photo collages or edit the photo right in the app
  • The photo paper costs $18.49 for a pack of 30, while the photo paper for the Polaroid Camera costs $20.75 for a pack of 20
  • The printer is small and portable – it could easily fit into a purse!
  • The printer charges quite quickly – it takes about 30 minutes to an hour

My printer was ordered off of and it came from Korea. Because of this, the box and instructions were in Korean, but they provided a URL for english instructions. The power cord was Asia Standard, but luckily they also provided me with an adapter. There were only a couple of things I consider cons for the LG Pocket Photo printer which include:

  • Because the printer is inkless, you must run a zink smartsheet through the printer each time you print a photo – this adds about 30 more seconds to the print time
  • The advertisement for the printer states that it only takes 45 seconds to print a photo – I would say it takes closer to 1 minute to 1.5 minutes because of the zink smartsheet
  • The printer’s battery life only lasts for 10 prints (but again, the printer charges quite quickly!)

Overall, I would say that the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer is a great investment if you’re looking for a fun way to print photos and share memories with friends. Mine was purchased on for $124 USD (which worked out to be around $150 Canadian). The full package came with the printer, a power cord, a power cord adapter, a pack of 30 photo papers and 5 bonus photo papers.

Check out the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer in action below…

… and please excuse the look of my phone – it has definitely seen better days!

lg pocket photo

lg pocket photo lg pocket photo lg pocket photo lg pocket photo lg pocket photo smart mobile printer

Would you consider buying the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer? Comment below!

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