Last week, the SD team was given the opportunity to check out the new Massimo Dutti Canadian e-commerce website. Well… we fell in love. The process is easy, and the best part is if you don’t want to wait for delivery, you can schedule an in-store pick up!

Cruising the new site, I spotted some double monk straps that I just had to own! I decided to see how the delivery process unfolded, 4 days after clicking buy a beautiful Massimo Dutti box arrived at my house with my new Monks tucked neatly inside.

I’ve been wearing them ever since they’ve arrived, and they are unique enough that you can dress them down, and polished enough that you could pair them with a suit. Next time you’re thinking shoes, check out Massimo Dutti for the quality it’s pretty hard to find shoes like this for under $200.

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