The first time I ever used a cleansing oil was half a decade ago when my older sister became obsessed with the beauty brand, Aloette. She became a representative for them, meaning our cabinets were fully stocked with Aloette everything. Now it’s not to say that I was disappointed with that, because I love all beauty products, especially if they are free, courtesy of my sister. It’s just that purchasing Aloette products on my own, was pretty pricey, especially on a student budget. That’s why, when I was given the Body Shop’sCamomile Silky Cleansing Oil, I was ecstatic. It brought back memories of the ease oil cleansers provide when removing makeup.

If you’ve never used an oil cleanser, you might be confused as why you would want any more oil on your skin. Oil cleansers are good for any skin type. According to chemistry, like dissolves like. So an oil cleanser, actually washes any dirty oil on your face away and replenishes your skin without the use of harsh chemicals and without stripping your skin of any natural oils.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is extremely easy to use. Give yourself a pump or two of the oil and apply to a dry face. Massage the oil into your skin. Keeping your eyes closed, massage the oil in circular motions over your eyelids to remove any eye makeup. Once you’ve finished, you’ll notice that you’ve got black makeup all over your face and it’s super shiny, but that’s okay! Rinse with water and voila! You’ve got a clean face and you’re ready for bed. The only word of caution that I have is to only use on a dry face. I have tried using it on a wet face and the results aren’t as good. Your makeup doesn’t come off as easily and your face ends up feeling oilier than when you started.

All in all though, if you follow the instructions on the bottle, you’ll have a clean face and soft skin. The Camomile line was released earlier this month and if you go online now, you can purchase the silky oil cleanser for 50% off. 9 bucks isn’t too shabby for face wash!

Image source: Vera Camilla

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