If you’ve walked around the city lately, you’ve probably noticed an increase and almost astonishing amount of marijuana dispensaries. With Justin Trudeau promising to end weed prohibition, many Canadians have jumped on the marijuana bandwagon, either enjoying it recreationally or opening up to the idea of it. 

Toronto’s pot scene is currently operating in a semi-legal grey area but whether you’re a first-time toker or a long time smoker, it never hurts to learn.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about pot in Toronto:

Where to cop: Dispensaries

While pot is in this legal grey area, entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to join the green rush. Almost everywhere you go, if you’re paying close enough attention, you’ll notice dispensaries, more so than ever before. Many of them have frosted glass windows with a green medical cross and marijuana leaf emblazoned in the middle. If you’re currently a patient or have recently met with a “pot-friendly” doctor, you can use the Zagat of dispensaries, leafly.com, to find a location near you.  

Weed Lounge

Sometimes burning at your house or your buddy’s place gets stale, but smoking in public can garner a whole lot of weird looks. With that being said, you’ve got options for where to go to smoke without looking sketchy. There are plenty of Cannabis friendly spots in 6ix including Hotbox Cafe in Kensington, Cloud 9 at Queen and Spadina, Vapour Central at Church and Wesley, or Vapor Social on College.

Where to Shop

Head shops have always been the go-to place for all things weed related. Growing up, most head shops had two distinct vibes: very reggae and relaxed, or lab-like sterile. Today, head shops are different. As opinions on weed evolve to become more and more relaxed, head shops have evolved to suit every kind of customer. Check out Toronto Life’s list of the most stylish head shops in the city or View the Vibe’s guide on edibles in Toronto to find your perfect match. 


Toronto is definitely one of the most relaxed cities around the globe when it comes to pot rallies and protests. With legalization in the near future, Toronto’s pot-themed events will be less about reform and more about celebration. Organizers of this year’s 420 Dundas party are saying it’ll be a huge bash. It’s not just that event either, Toronto is home to The Marijuana Treasure Hunt, The Global Marijuana March and the Lift Cannabis Expo. Forget the blue and white, the 6ix is turning green.


While everyone seems happy to jump on the marijuana legalization bandwagon, scientists still don’t fully understand the long term effects like they do with cigarettes and alcohol. NORML Canada is an organization that aims to eliminate civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use and each year, they hold a conference to discuss and educate visitors on legalization, medicinal/health effects, strain potency and other important topics.

Toronto’s marijuana scene is changing rapidly and almost every week there is a radio discussion, news article or political debate about weed legalization in Canada and Toronto. However, there’s still a lot we don’t know like how the government plans to distribute, tax and regulate weed. Will there be Starbucks-like franchises that specialize in distribution or will the LCBO and Shoppers Drug Mart have control? Only time will tell and until then, I’ll be dreaming of the endless possibilities. 

Have anything to add to our guide to weed in Toronto? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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