We had a chance to catch up with an Brett Anderson  an AccuWeather meteorologist and he broke down six-points of interest for winter in Ontario:


1. The upcoming winter is expected to be much more like a typical winter across Ontario, especially compared to last winter, which was unseasonably warm with little snowfall for many.

2. A strong El Nino clearly had a warming influence on last year’s winter, but the El Nino is gone and replaced with a weak La Nina (abnormal cooling of the surface waters in the equatorial Pacific)

3. The first half of the winter across Ontario will likely average near to above-normal in temperature, but it could be stormy with an increase in Colorado lows. Brief shots of cold air behind these storms will likely lead to a quick start to the lake-effect snow season for southern Ontario as the lake waters will remain warm, which creates a favorable set up for the formation of lake-effect snow bands.

4. The coldest part of the winter relative to normal will likely be January and early February as the storm track shifts more toward New England, putting eastern Ontario on the western edge of some significant storms, while lake effect snow outbreaks continue to be common off of Lake Huron.

5. The worst of the cold this coming winter will be focused out across northwest Ontario and into the Prairies.

6. For Toronto, a normal winter brings an average of 115-125 cm of snow. I believe this upcoming winter will end up with about 130-145 cm. Temperatures for the winter as a whole will average 0 to 0.5 C. above normal. Last winter averaged a whopping 3.8 degrees above normal.

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