Experts Predict Coldest Canadian Winter In Years with Best Ski Conditions

If you love winter, you’ll be excited, for the rest of us, it looks like we will be spending this winter complaining about the snow and frigid temperatures

If you love winter, you’ll be excited to hear about this. For the rest of us Canadians, it looks like we will be spending this winter complaining about the amount of snow and frigid temperatures.

The experts from AccuWeather are reporting major snow for some of Canada’s biggest cities. They expect eastern Canada to receive frequent  storms and  dumps of snow, while western Canada will be bitter cold in the prairies and stormy in British Columbia.

“The upcoming winter will likely be a stormy one across eastern and Atlantic Canada, especially during January and February,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

“This pattern will lead to a higher probability of significant snowfall events from eastern Ontario through Quebec and into New Brunswick and Newfoundland,” he said.

This includes some of Canada’s largest cities such as Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City.

While city dwellers will be cursing the weather gods this year, it looks like if you are a skier you are in luck.

Ski resorts are expecting to have record breaking attendance as snow will be in abundance.

“Heavy snow will quickly pile up in the mountains, which should get the western ski season off to a good start,” Anderson said.A stormy pattern typical of winter will set up over British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, delivering rounds of rain and mountain snow across the region.

This will allow ski resorts in British Columbia and Alberta to establish a solid base early in the season that will last through the spring.

What’s even more depressing/exciting depending on how you look at it is the fact that if the experts are right, winter will start ooff we and snowy and probably won’t end until March…


Bundle up and prepare for a ton of snow.

Source: Accuweather

Featured Image source: @Thisismiller_