New York Fashion Week is a pretty big deal in the realm of fashion. It’s a time where fashion’s biggest names present their latest collections, attracting some of the world’s best dressed… and Jimmy Kimmel. Lie Witness News is by far one of Kimmel’s funniest segments in which he has undercover reporters (remember this one with Drake?) approach unknowing and innocent by passers. In his latest segment, Kimmel’s reporter questioned fashion aficionados about designers like Chandler Bing and fabulous trends like headless dresses… the results are just as cringeworthy and hilarious as you’d expect, but life is all about faking it till you make it right?

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This isn’t the first time Kimmel has hit up New York Fashion Week to quiz trendsetters & followers on fake fashion trends either. Last year, Lie Witness News interviewed unknowing fashionistas about “new” trends like poo hats and watermelon heads. Watch the video below – it’s guaranteed to make you laugh at how ridiculous fashion and its followers can be.


Are you surprised those people fell for Kimmel’s fake fashion trends? Comment below!

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