CTV news is reporting that the former Fashion Santa – Paul Mason is speaking out after it was announced that Yorkdale will be replacing him this holiday season.

First of all, if you’ve been keeping up with this story there has been a huge backlash against the switch as the new model named Adam Martin who is 31 replaces the older Paul Mason who is 53.

Mason appeared on CTV’s Your Morning on Thursday and said that he wanted to “clear the air”.

He is quoted as saying “I am the rightful owner of Fashion Santa. I created it,” Mason declared. “It’s my pitch and I’m here to defend it.”

Not only does Mason claim that he pitched the Fashion Santa concept to various retailers in the summer of 2014, he used the Fashion Santa persona to raise money for SickKids foundation.

Mason says that the came up with the idea after growing out his beard as a way of coping with the loss of his mother.

For the past two holiday seasons, Mason has risen to international stardom with Fashion Santa features popping up globally.

A spokesperson for Yorkdale has stated that Mason was replaced because he didn’t respond to their attempts to contact him.

Mason seems to disagree with this statement he said on CTV’s Your Morning – “That’s what they said. That’s their take on it,” he said simply. “You can spin it any way you want.”

Source: CTV News


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