We’re back!  as you may know, Bench Canada has made certain members from the StyleDemocracy team Bench Ambassadors. We’ve been absolutely head over heels for their newest collection. While the brand stays true to their athletic roots, the new Fall ’16 collection is minimally designed and focuses more on overall aesthetics than branding.

Continuing our series, each month, we will  give you a  look at  some new items that we love from Bench.  We love Bench’s bomber jackets, and our Vice President Grayson Miller decided to put his own spin on it adding patches he picked up through his travels, and through Amazon and eBay.  Check out our shots below, and let us know what you think!

benc_canada_diy_bomber-4 benc_canada_diy_bomber-3   benc_canada_diy_bomber-7 benc_canada_diy_bomber-8


benc_canada_diy_bomber-9 benc_canada_diy_bomber-10 benc_canada_diy_bomber-11

benc_canada_diy_bomber-13 benc_canada_diy_bomber-14 benc_canada_diy_bomber-12

Make sure you check out our favourite Bench looks on the regular and head over to their online shop or shop in store!


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