Have you felt the urge to go workout this summer, but still trying to figure out what fits you best? Do you feel that your local gym just doesn’t provide you with all of the amenities that you have wished for? Well do I ever have some awesome news for you! Allow us to introduce you to Fitset Pass, one of the best membership programs 2014 has to offer for Torontonians. And yes, you may be wondering what exactly the Fitset Pass is, right? Essentially, the goal of the Fitset Pass is to provide members with the opportunity to try out 20 different workout classes at 20 different studios across the city. At an introductory price of only $49 the pass is extremely affordable. Not a fitness buff? Don’t worry – the studios cater to all fitness levels, so whether you’re an intermediate or beginner, there’ll be a class to suit you! After 6 months, if you loved the program, every single studio, and every single class, then you can go ahead and purchase the pass again!

Here’s how Fitset works:
  1. Go ahead and purchase your Fitset pass on their website here.
  2. Discover the 20 different class options and choose the one you’d like to try.
  3. Look up the availability and schedules for the class.
  4. Go for your Fitset workout!
  5. Share your Fitset experience with family and friends.
  6. Do it again!!!

A few of the studios featured include Moksha Yoga, Paul Brown Boxfit, Krudar Muay Thai, Spinout Cycle, and more. Fitset definitely seems like an awesome opportunity for commitment-phobes or those of us who don’t find inspiration at our local gym and want to give something new a try. I think I may just have to pre-order my own!

Will you give Fitset a chance?

Featured Image Source: Spinout Cycle

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