As many of you may know, Lululemon’s business model doesn’t look as good as it once did, and is on the slow road of decline. Although their brand is amongst the top leaders in the activewear industry with millions of customers, there are many alternative brands to Lululemon that create high quality & flattering workout wear. Here are our top 5 alternative athletic brands to Lululemon:

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1. Titika

Titika Active Wear

Created in 2009, Titika is a Toronto based activewear brand that aims to provide environmentally friendly, fashionable, and outstanding quality garments. We previously did a brand spotlight about Titika on the blog on what an awesome brand they really are. If you want to support a local brand that is versatile and ethically produced, then check out Titika now!

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2. GapFit


The ever-popular basics brand that we all know and love has its own activewear sector – GapFit. Alike the main brand, GapFit carries different pieces that can be worn for all sorts of activity. Whether you’re doing yoga or just walking the dog, their Fit brand is a vast subdivision with great options. Not only is their activewear classic, it’s at a fairly affordable price alike the rest of their collection available.

3. Lolë

alternatives to Lululemon Lolë

Another Canadian brand hailing from Montreal, Lolë was created based on the concept that Montreal sits on: the balance of innovation and tradition. Their apparel is designed to be worn outdoors, as well as indoors, for all types of activity. Brands like Lululemon all have the same qualities, but Lolë’s underlying inspiration is of the well-being & natural connection we have with the earth. With awesome graphics blended in with well-made active wear, you can easily embody the Lolë lifestyle!

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4. Athleta

alternatives to lululemon athleta

A brand that embodies the true athletic regime, Athleta provides performance apparel and gear that are meant to give active women the power to look great while having an active lifestyle. With products like sportswear, swimwear, and even casual dresses, Athleta sets to be unique amongst the competition and provide a more unique array of apparel. Ironically, Athleta is under the Gap brand umbrella, but takes its own unique spin on women’s activewear!

5. lucy Activewear

alternatives to lululemon lucy activewear

Originally founded by ex-Nike executives, California based lucy Activewear designs manufactures and retails all of its own products to customers. They offer attire for 3 different forms of activity: yoga/studio, training, and running which gives women a large spectrum of choice. The clothing is also still versatile enough to be worn everyday. Around the same price as Lululemon, lucy provides great quality & attractive active wear, but keeps designs classic and simple, making it timeless.

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What are your favourite alternatives to Lululemon?

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