In relation to Boris’ Five Things this week, I agree that there are a few staple bags every woman should have in their wardrobe. Because I’m more of a shoe gal, I see the value in investing a good chunk of change in few classic bags that’ll last a long time, so that I can blow the remainder of my cash on a few pairs of heels. Not everyone has the budget to buy a Chanel or a Louis, so below are 5 bags that’ll suit every one of your needs and are just as stylish without the hefty price tag.


The Going Out Bag: Parker Nylon Crossbody bag

Cole Haan: $135.00

I think a black crossbody bag is essential for every woman’s handbag collection. This particular Cole Haan bag is nylon with leather detailing and removable straps, making it the perfect going out bag. Wear it across your body so that it’s not slipping off your shoulder while you dance or take the strap off and use it as a clutch. The black is perfect for hiding spillage and conforming to every outfit, but if black isn’t your thing, it also comes in a leopard print and orange.


The Travel Bag: Banff Bag Tribe

Roots: $398.00

This has been on my wish list for a while and though the price might throw you off, just keep in mind that it’s 100% genuine Italian leather and made in Canada. These bags are meant to last a lifetime and only get better looking with age. Roots uses a tribe leather that is exclusive to them and is hand rubbed for a distinctive look. The adjustable shoulder strap makes for easy toting and makes this Roots duffle bag the perfect carry-on for your worldly adventures.


The Work Bag: Large Leather Tote 

The Gap: $125.00

I’m a big fan of simplicity when it comes to my work bag, so when I stumbled upon this Gap large leather tote, I knew I’d met my match. The bag is 100% leather and has enough space to carry your laptop, tablet, afternoon snack, makeup and whatever else you may lug around with you during the day. It has a large interior pocket to store little baubles and doubles as a weekend get-a-way bag or just a really large purse.


The Everyday Bag: Tanner Merlot Backpack Bag

Mackage: $495.00

A good backpack will last you a lifetime and longer. I have a vintage leather backpack that was passed on to me from my grandmother, so imagine how stoked your grand kids will be when you pass this Mackage Tanner backpack to them! It’s hard to believe that the Canadian leather brand has only been in the handbag game for a year, cause they’re killing it! This particular bag has an embossed suede snake skin print flap and a large carry handle on top. The straps are adjustable and convert into an over the shoulder strap, so it’s really 2-in-1! For easy access, the backpack has an exposed zip pocket at the side and interior zip pockets and a phone compartment. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend this is the perfect holiday gift, I think your loved ones could be convinced too.


The Everything Bag: Bull Woven Cotton Tote

American Apparel: $15.00

For 15 bucks, this bag is a steal! This may seem like a boring old tote bag, but it’s actually the most versatile bag of them all. You’ll use this bag more than you could ever imagine. I have about a million of them and I use them for just about every occasion from the gym and groceries to overnight stays and as a lunch bag. You can customize it and make it your own by adding your favourite band buttons & patches, or just leave it as be. It’s a cheap purchase you won’t regret making.

So, there you have it! My choice of 5 bags for every occasion. Do you have 5 bags you just can’t live without? Let us know below!

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