Brains and a body? Some people really do win the gene lottery, and Forbes has created a list of the 10 best business minds in the modelling industry, (it’s a list that makes us all feel great about ourselves…) giving props to the ladies that have both beauty and the brains it back it up.

For the seventh time in a row (she’s more dominant than Brady) Brazilian bomb shell Gisele Bündchen tops the list at #1 raking in $42 million through merchandising partnerships with H&M and Chanel as well as capitalizing on her own Ipanema Flip-Flop line.  Both The #2  and #3 spot a held by former Victoria’s Secret alumni- Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima respectively.  For all you Kate Moss fans, don’t worry she made the list- you can check out the full list on Forbe’s website. 

Source: Forbes


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