As Canadians, it’s essentially in our blood to love Tim Hortons. There’s one on almost every corner – making it our go-to for quick meals, coffee, and treats, but what happens when the 50-year-old Canadian restaurant we love and adore gets a major upgrade? Last week Tim Hortons hit the Toronto Metro Convention Centre with their annual Owner’s Convention which aims to showcase revenue-boosting ideas for the future to its franchisees. Ideas are taken to the franchisees at the convention before they hit consumers.

future of tim hortons

future of tim hortons

The Owner’s Convention included a mock-up store of what could be the future of Tim Hortons. The mock-up store’s aesthetics were drastically different than the Tim Hortons that we know today and featured high-gloss white counters, tables, banquettes with an open window into the back kitchen, and even unisex bathrooms! The store also featured large touch-screens built into tables, which would allow customers to find out more about Tim Hortons’ charities, menu items, or the local weather. What you’ll probably find the most exciting are the new menu items. New items included a variety of new side salads, donut flavours such as tiramisu & lemon meringue, individual sized peach pies, Nutella pockets, pre-wrapped sandwiches for even quicker snacking, coffee flavoured beer, snack packages, and even a poutine pretzel!

future of Tim Hortons

future of tim hortons

As Tim Hortons reaches its capacity in Canada with with 3600 storefronts and 500 to come this year, the company is searching for new strategies to boost sales growth. As of right now, the mock-up store is all conceptual, however, new menu items and a makeover might be a push in the right direction for the Canadian restaurant! For an in depth look into the new store concept, check out the video below by The Toronto Star.


What do you think about the future of Tim Hortons?

Source: The Financial Post

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