According to a article a California woman is suing Gap and Banana Republic for consumer fraud. She decided to take action after discovering that the Gap and Banana Republic Outlets don’t carry the same merchandise as their regular stores – and are reportedly trying to hide that fact. In the suit against Gap, Linda Rubinstein claims that Gap and Banana Republic are both using false advertising, unfair competition and violation of state consumer laws by not clearly labelling the difference in product between their outlet and retail locations.

Rubinstein claims that the only way a shopper can tell the difference between products is the marking of “three small squares” on outlet merchandise making it almost impossible for customers to determine which products are of poorer quality and made only for Gap and BR Outlet locations.

“There is no other indication, in the store or on the garment, that suggests the factory store clothing was never actually sold at the traditional Banana Republic or Gap stores and/or made of lesser quality,” she says. “Unless the ordinary shopper is diligent in their retail store research what the three squares mean, defendant’s deceptive practices will not be discovered.”

It should be recognized that according to this isn’t’ the first time Linda Rubinstein has tried to sue a retailer. She also has sued Neiman Marcus’ Last Call for selling merchandise specifically made for Last Call.



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