Two weeks ago, the StyleDemocracy team had the opportunity to check out the first ever Geox Outwear store, located in the beautifully renovated Sherway Gardens.

Geox is making a big play to get their outwear in front of Canadian consumers, and rightfully so. Geox outwear is extremely popular in Europe and is made with both technical elements and style combined. ¬†Similarly to their shoes and the “Respira” technology, Geox outwear is the most breathable winter wear out there, making those subway trips in the dead of winter a little more bearable. We’ve all seen that person on the subway bundled up in Canada Goose sweating their butts off, it’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

If you’re looking for new outwear this season the Geox Outwear Pop-up is definitely worth checking out, and get a big thumbs up from the StyleDemocracy team.

Check out the photos from the Geox Outerwear Pop-Up Shop Below

Geox-11 Geox-12 Geox-9 Geox-10 Geox-8 Geox-7 Geox-6 Geox-5 Geox-3 Geox-4 Geox-2

unnamed (1) GEOX-40 GEOX-39

Store Photos by StyleDemocracy

Photos of Grayson and Amanda provided by Geox and MacIntyre Communications

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