**UPDATE: At 2:30 pm on Wednesday, December.10, 2014, we spoke with someone at Costco and there was only ONE red parka in size M left** 

Well, winter is here. It’s cold, wet, snowy and sometimes when you look out the window, tears stream down your cheeks. It’s sometimes tough being a Canadian outside, but if you’ve ever worn a Canada Goose jacket, they help keep you warm when it’s minus 20.

Starting around $600 bucks and sky rocketing from there,  getting a Goose jacket is often out of reach for the average consumer.

Last year and years before, trying to find a Canada Goose on sale, was like trying to find big foot. Your friend said he did, he’s lying Canada Goose never went on sale, and if it did it was maybe 10% off on boxing day. Well it looks like things have changed.

According to tips and info from our eyes on the street, and a confirmed call at Costco – you can now find Canada Goose jackets on sale.  While not every Canada Goose jacket is available and colours are limited you can find black Canada Goose Expeditions for $549 at Costco Mississauga Heartland down from the $849 -$1000 price point. Pretty big savings.

At the time of this writing (December 10th 2014) an employee at Costco Mississauga Heartland confirmed that they have both Men’s and Women’s Expedition Parkas (Black)  in size S, L, and XL.

Happy Shopping.

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