Hey Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever looks like you’re going to have even more competition in the highly competitive deodorant space. According to ADage.com, Google is working on a digital, wearable, socially “aware” deodorant device.

Sounds pretty crazy right? Google Technology Holdings was awarded a patent for an odor removal device that supposedly will include an “activity sensor” that will help predict when your body odour will occur and will use an automatic fragrance disperser that will rectify the situation.

Hold on, it gets a little weirded.

In addition to having this device track your personal smells, the device will also track people in your social network so you can avoid them when you smell bad….

ADage.com reports that the device will create a friendly route for you to take to avoid contact. “The route-suggesting portion may provide an alternate route to travel such that the predicted odor may not offend others that are socially connected to the user and that travel the same routes as the user, according to the patent abstract.”

Is this to far, or would you wear a digital deodorant. I have a feeling that anyone who would be that concerned about their own scent, would probably already have a system to deal with it, and proabbly would not need a device to steer you away from your friends. They already know you stink… And they are okay with it.

Source: Adage

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