Hey guys, we just checked out Target’s liquidation event this morning, and so far it’s been underwhelming. Some advice… We don’t feel like this sale is worth missing work for, or dragging your tired kids to after work. However check over the weekend as more deals may arise.

Here’s the rundown:

At 8:30 am this morning we checked out the East York Toronto Target, and assumed that there would be a huge crowd. Luckily for us, this liquidation event has similar attendance to Target’s normal stores. It just wasn’t that busy.  As you enter the store you see signs for “Everything Must Go” “Up to 30% Off”….


However when you start to look around, most things are only 10% off… 10% off toilet paper isn’t that great a deal, especially when Shoppers Drugmart hustles 24 rolls for $4.99 on the regs.

IMG_6848 IMG_6849 IMG_6847 IMG_6846 IMG_6845 IMG_6844 IMG_6836

There were some things that were 20% off. While not seeing a whole lot at this 20% off mark, most clothing is 20% off, DVDs, rugs and some small home decor items also fall under the 20% off category.

IMG_6855 IMG_6853 IMG_6852

IMG_6834 IMG_6832IMG_6811

And here’s what’s on sale for 30% off… It seems if you are looking to score deals on cosmetics, makeup and fragrances… you’re in luck!

IMG_6835 IMG_6825 IMG_6824 IMG_6823


Lastly if  you were looking for electronics, they are only 10% off….




If you are a serious bargain hunter, don’t fret… This is only day 1 of the liquidation sale, and we are pretty sure if you wait it out, you’ll be able to score some awesome deals!

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