H&M is know for their fast fashion and cheap, trendy finds but have they gone too far with their latest accessory? Last week, CTV news reported that the big chain retailer was forced to remove headdresses from their sales floors after complaints that the accessory was making a mockery of Aboriginal culture.

The headdress has seemed to make its way into the “hipster” wardrobe, made popular for being worn at music festivals and special events. The pink, green and purple headdress that was removed from stores was actually apart of H&M’s “H&M Loves Music” collection. After receiving complaints, the head pieces were removed from 62 H&M locations across Canada.


This is not the first time that retailers have been accused of discrimination through their clothing collections. Urban Outfitters is often at the centre of attention for controversy and were under fire last year for tribal patterned gear that included the Navajo Hipster Panty, the Peace Treaty Feather Necklace and more.

What do you think about retailers exploiting culture for profit?

Image source: GQ

Source: CTV News 

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