I had recently come back from San Francisco after working for GAP the past two years as a merchant in their Old Navy department.  Over the years I had accumulated a tremendous amount of clothing and my closet was literally overflowing.  So I started exploring the different avenues to ultimately recycle my closet and somehow recoup at least a portion of my investment in fashion.

While looking at the competitive landscape there weren’t many choices.  My list was short of what was available (Kijiji, Ebay, Craigslist) and unfortunately (or fortunately) these sites offered more quantity than quality and they weren’t necessarily fashion related either.  I was frustrated and left without a proper avenue to sell; so what would any normal person do?  Create their own marketplace of course.

When we first started designing the website, it was extremely important to us to maintain the integrity of the product on the site so we manually curate and look at EVERY single item that is posted.  At the end of the day we wanted to create a community of like minded users who love fashion and find the social utility in pieces that others may just disregard.

And with that, this is how the idea of ShopMyClothes came to be; a FREE online marketplace entirely dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of high end fashions. Thanks for reading and we always love hearing back from our community.


Jonathan Elias

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