If you went out to see Jurassic World this past weekend, you’re probably already aware that the movie is a massive sales hit. This morning it was announced that Jurassic World has become the biggest worldwide box office hit to date raking in a reported $511 Million worldwide! While the movie made a boat ton of money, YouTube channel Movieclips takes a look at how much it would actually cost to bring a Jurassic Park into reality.  This little clip actually takes into consideration the cost of real estate, resarch and development, dinosaur cloning, employee salaries and benefits and much more.  Obviously you have to use your imagination a little here, cloning dinos is not possible yet, and the cost of reanimating giant creatures and housing them would be astronomical! Take a look at the video, and see how much it would actually cost. The above clip also doesn’t include the cost of insuring the whole place, and paying out people’s grieving families once the dinosaurs inevitably break out and kill a bunch of people.

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